Where can i find applecorn, a drink i have contained by germany?

i went to germany a few years ago and i have an alcoholic drink called applecorn, does anyone know where on earth there is a store contained by omaha, ne or any where effective by that i could buy some?

It is known as Apfelkorn within liquor stores.
If you own any military friends at Offutt AFB the class 6 should have it.
i have but to find it in a store but some military friends of mine find it on the base. honest luck and have fun
Apfelkorn....Yummy...I live in a small town contained by British Columbia, Canada. I asked our local liquor store to order some contained by...and they did. Great Drink in the summertime as ably...Lots of crushed ice. couple shots of Apfelkorn and top beside Club Soda.....Be Careful....packs a punch....Sherry N
Hell I'll send it to ya if you want it that doomed to failure! :D
My email is memphis_rayns@yahoo.com if you wanna get surrounded by touch

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