My broccoli have black dots on the stems! What is this?! Can I still chomp through it?

Sometimes when I buy broccoli, it has tiny little black dots that look a touch bit oblong on the stem. What is this? Should I still eat it? Is it bug eggs? I don't dream up that they're raised. Otherwise, the broccoli looks ordinary.

Please help ASAP because I'm cooking next to it tonight! Thanks!

Most likely growing mold.
I preference the best for you,
getting moldy
Don't sound too polite. I would not eat it, I enjoy never eaten broccoli similar to that. Toss it out.
I think it might be mould but if you contuinually by it resembling that why dont you ask your green gocer? I would cut it off, bathe well and boil to cook to produce sure you kill any possible germs.
I would be safe and only buy a new never know what it could be for sure!
Better to be protected then sorry. I would exceed!!
Give them to your neighbors. J/K
I would say it's growing mold...I wouldn't get through it, myself. Then again I do hate brocolli.
Trim it bad. You could still cook it. It should be alright.
who cares. adjectives i know is that it will make you grow taller .that for sure...Trust me
It might be mold, please dont get through it!


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