Has anyone ever choked on a lifesaver?

the company says this candy is call lifesaver because of its hollow center that prevents the choking hazard. how accurate is this? can you choke on a lifesaver?

in good health I know that i have choked on them more next once!! Actually my sister had to do the Heimlich maneuver because i be sucking on it and it went down!! I be crying for like a hour afterwards and I havent eatened a duration saver ever since!!
It is possible to choke on anything.
my cuzin did! my grampa have to turn him upside down! true story.
yes, you can choke on a life depositor, it may not kill you but explanation an aspiration pneumonia which can kill you.
You can still choke even near the hole in the middle. It could seize stuck upright and after the hole would do nothing.
the point of putting the hole contained by the center was so you would not suffocate. you'll still be choking, you'll freshly have plenty time to get to the hospital next to out dying. =]
Yes, actually, my first aid instructor told us a story of HER choking on a go saver candy. The hole did assist breathe a little bit, but she still choked on it and have to have the heimlich done on her.
yes it is possible to choke on a lifesaver. If it get lodged the wrong way...verticale vs. horizonally within your air pipes. Also some associates air hall ways can actually close around a natural life saver, making the hole useless.

here is an artical on someone who it happen to
capably no, see if sideways no choking if its flat nochoking so there.

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